Vida-Mex Foundry
Machining and Engineering Services
A "Lost-Foam" Foundry

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Vida-Mex Foundry Information

Vida Meghex Foundry was established in 1995 in Torreon, Mexico. We are a U.S. majority-owned operation with on-site U.S. Management. The integration of state-of-the-art equipment and systems has made Vida's Lost Foam Casting Process among the most advanced in the industry today.

Foundry Facilities

Melt Capacity: 100 Tons Per Month

Materials: Ductile Iron and Steel

Casting Process: Shell Mold and Lost Foam

Advantages of Evaporative Pattern Casting (Lost Foam)

  • No Cores
  • No Parting Lines
  • Uses Dry, Unbonded Sand
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances
  • Low Draft Angle, or No Draft Angle
  • Component Integration
  • More Complex Shapes
  • Design Freedom

Our in-house pattern shop provides high-quality, low-cost patterns. In many cases we can amortize pattern costs, which can allow for a low-cost transition into a higher performance casting process.

Heat Treat is Available

Quality Control Equipment:
  • Spectrometer - ARL
  • Carbon/Sulfur Determinator - LECO
  • 16" Optical Comparator
  • Magnaflux
  • Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Verification
  • Two Sample Polishing Machines
  • Microscopes
  •   Cleaning Equipment:
  • Steel Blast Machines
  • Sand Blast Equipment
  • Abrasive Saws
  • Large Floor & Bench Grinders
  • Machining Capabilities:
    Vida's machining capabilities provide customers a comprehensive resource for machining a wide range of castings. In keeping with our full-service strategy, we also offer component sub-assembly as well as powder painting, painting, plating and polishing services.

    • A variety of powder coatings available
    • Galvanized and Nickel plating also available

    Shop Equipment:
    Along with a complete range of manual machines (listed below) we have one CNC Mazak Machining Center and access to a complete range of CNC machinery at approximately one-half the rate of U.S. based shops.

    Additional Machinery Includes:
    Tool and cutter grinding equipment, manual lathes, mills, turret lathes, drills, grinders, automatic lathes, special purpose drills, turret drills, broach, belt sanders, sensitive and radial drills, hydraulic presses, pipe threader, Kingsbury's and extra heads and bases to adapt to high production requirements.

    Product Design and Customer Support:
    We work closely with our customer to achieve an optimal product design. Utilizing in house AUTOCAD, CADKEY AND SURFCAM and experienced engineers we can often convert sketches to finished casting and machine drawings.

    Calling upon our in-house design engineering experience and the ability of the Lost Foam Process to cast most dimensions to within plus/minus .010 we are able to eliminate many expensive machining operations while producing high-integrity, thin-wall castings. This results in significant savings to our customers.

    Our customers have realized savings on parts such as gears, housings, valve handles and valve stems, to name a few. Our castings have resulted in a fit close enough to eliminate previously required broaching and other machining operations.

    Vida-Mex Foundry
    46 Cedar Ridge Road
    Broken Arrow, OK 74011

    Telephone (918) 249-8521
    Fax (918) 249-0680

    Foundry Location Information
    Torreon, Coah., Mexico (370 Miles from Laredo, Texas)
    Priv. Adolfo Aymes No. 1
    C.P. 27019
    Torreon, Coah., Mexico

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